Post-Doctoral position

The Matters Related to Foreign Personnel’s Application for Postdoctoral Research in Hohai University

I.Eligibility and Treatment

Article 1: Applicants who want to apply for postdoctoral research in Hohai University must have Ph. D. Degree and be under 40 years old.

Article 2: During research period, foreign postdoctoral fellows will be paid for 24 months according to the lecturers’ standard in Hohai University. In addition, the University will provide scientific research funds of RMB30, 000 for each foreign postdoctoral fellow.

Article 3: During the research period, Hohai University will afford two economy class international round-trip air tickets to each foreign postdoctoral fellow (the shortest distance from the country or district of the postdoctoral fellow to China).

II. Application Procedure and Approval

Article 4: The foreigner’s application for postdoctoral research in Hohai University should be examined and approved in accordance with the following procedures:

1. Applicants should submit written application to the corresponding research stations in Hohai University one month in advance. Application materials include:

(1). Doctor’s degree certificate;

(2). Application for Postdoctoral Admission of Hohai University;

(3). Two Letters of Recommendation;

(4). Interview Assessment Form of Postdoctoral Station Admission of Hohai University. The interview assessment will be organized by the corresponding research stations. More than five professors in the related research fields, including the co-advisor, will be invited to attend the interview assessment.

2. After the preliminary examination, the related research stations will designate special persons to assist the qualified foreign applicants with entrance materials and other related procedures. When approved and affirmed by the research stations, these materials will be submitted to the Personnel Office of Hohai University.

3. Foreign postdoctoral fellows who are allowed to enter the research stations will sign Postdoctoral Responsibility Agreement of Hohai University with the related stations and co-advisorsThis agreement aims to make concrete research plans for postdoctoral period and stipulate the rights and obligations of both sides as well as other regulations in Hohai University. In addition, foreign postdoctoral fellows should also sign Postdoctoral Station Admission Agreement of Hohai University with Personnel Office of the University.

III.Entrance and Termination

Article 5: Applicants who are approved by the research stations should carry out entrance procedures on schedule. In case of special circumstances, applicants should submit written explanation to the related research stations and the Personnel Office before the intended entrance time. The university will disqualify the applicants who are longer than one month overdue for entrance without proper reasons.

Article 6: Postdoctoral fellows will work at the research stations for two years and terminate on schedule. During the research period, if postdoctoral fellows achieve special projects supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation or other major projects, they can apply for a delay of termination, but the total time of working at the research stations will be no longer than 3 years at the premise that the delay is approved. During the delay period, postdoctoral fellows will not be paid. In general, postdoctoral fellows will not be allowed to terminate their research at the stations ahead of schedule.

Article 7: During the research period, if postdoctoral fellows are not suitable for further research, the related research stations will suggest a termination of postdoctoral research and the Personnel Office will submit the suggestion to the superior office.

Article 8: Postdoctoral fellows who apply for termination or have been terminated will not get any funds and will not enjoy any preferential policies or treatments provided by China and Hohai University. No postdoctoral certificate will be issued. Apartments should be returned according to relevant rules. As for the terminated postdoctoral fellows in serious cases, all already-paid allowance (including research funds) will be reclaimed.

Article 9: Postdoctoral fellow who have finished their research should apply for relevant termination formalities to their stations two months in advance. Before leaving, postdoctoral fellows should submit the following materials to Personnel Office of Hohai University: the Leaving List signed by all the related offices, Work Reports, scientific research achievements and papers published during the postdoctoral research period.

Article 10: The eligible postdoctoral fellows will be issued with Postdoctoral Certificate supervised by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and Postdoctoral Management Committee of China.

Article 11: During the research period, postdoctoral fellows will be urged to terminate if involved in one of the following circumstances:

(1) Violating academic disciplines;

(2) Counterfeiting fake testimonial or ever been punished;

(3) Asking for a-three-month continuous sick leave or more than 15 days absence without proper reasons;

(4) Going abroad but overstaying;

(5) Failing in carrying out obligations in the entrance agreement;

(6) Failing in terminate evaluation or a delay in terminate formalities;

(7) Other violations.

IV.Appraisal and Reward

Article 12: Postdoctoral fellows will propose research subjects after discussion with co-advisors, which will contribute to advancing research in the subject field and the research stations. Postdoctoral fellows will make opening report and draw up research plans within two months after entering research stations. These research plans will be reviewed by experts invited by the research station and be carried out with the permission of the directors of the research stations. The research plans will be put on file by Personnel Office of Hohai University.

Article 13: After entering the station for a full year, postdoctoral fellows will be evaluated through mid-term assessment organized by the research stations. Postdoctoral fellows will fill inthe Mid-Term Evaluation Form for PostdoctoralScientific Research of Hohai University, which will be put on file by Personnel Office of Hohai University.

Article 14: When applying for termination, postdoctoral fellows will submit Postdoctoral Work Report and scientific research fruits achieved during the research period. Experts (more than five experts including the co-advisor and at least one off-campus expert) invited by the research stations will evaluate the submitted materials. All materials together with the evaluation will be reported to the University for final appraisal.

Article 15: Postdoctoral terminate appraisal will be classified into five ranks: extra excellent, excellent, good, qualified and disqualified.

Article 16: The postdoctoral fellows who are ranked as “extra excellent” or “excellent” in the terminate appraisal will be awarded bonuses by the University.

Article 17: During the research period, postdoctoral fellows will normally enjoy science and technology award policies of Hohai University and performance award policies of the station.

Article 18: For the termination appraisal, only official publication and the promulgated certificates in the research period will be counted as research achievements of postdoctoral fellows and Hohai University will be made as the first signature unit.

V.Other Matters

Article 19: The related research stations will purchase personal accident insurance and medical insurance for foreign postdoctoral fellows during their research period.

Article 20: The related research stations will apply to International Office for assistance in visa formalities.

Article 21: Foreign postdoctoral fellows can apply for postdoctoral apartments, but need to sign a Housing Lease Agreement with the Assets Department of Hohai University before moving in. After terminating from the related research stations, foreign postdoctoral fellows should return the apartments on schedule. Those who are overdue in returning apartments are subject to contract-breach responsibilities according to the Housing Lease Agreement.

Article 22: Postdoctoral fellows should take good care of facilities in the apartments. If damaged, compensation will be made according to the Housing Lease Agreement. Postdoctoral fellows will be responsible for their own expenses of rent, water, electricity and internet.

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