About Us

We started our expert research service because as former students we know the pressure of balancing studying with a part-time job and the social life of university or college. Being a student isn’t just about passing your course, although that, naturally, is your main objective. Being a student is also about preparation for your future career and future life. You can only achieve all this if you are able to produce your work on time to a good standard while still being able to work to support yourself and also, have fun social interaction with your friends.

If you are looking for expert writing and proofreading services, Expert Research Service is the best platform that welcomes the students all across the globe to avail of their prestigious editing and proofreading services. We have built a team of experienced professionals who provide their keen assistance to students from all educational levels and backgrounds. Our professionals have a sound command of the English language, and they are extremely good with spellings, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, coherent text, and other editing and proofreading services. We expand the quality of your work by the supreme services of our experts at affordable prices.


We have got the vision of student’s academic concerns, so we steadfast to assist them devotedly and explicitly.


We offer our services by outlaying a reasonable price structure that suits and aligns well with the convenience of our clients.


We have focused the sole interest in our services to writing and proofreading so as to sustain quality standards.


We keep your research content private and don’t share it with others.

Grab your chance for the best writing service.

  • Academic writing

    Writing research papers or any academic document for the school level or higher degrees.

  • Dissertation writing

    We can help you writing thesis (English and Chinese both) on any topic with proper formatting according to your university.

  • Lab report writing

    Our experts can guide in writing any presentation or weekly lab performance report.

  • CV Writing

    Our expert develop CV according to your desire which can help you to find job after graduation.

  • Proofreading & Editing

    Our international native speakers can help you to improve your manuscript, thesis, or any educational document in English / Chinese.  We can further improve your already manuscript to make it more acceptable in high impact journals.

  • Data Analysis

    We have experts in almost all data analysis software. We mostly use Matlab, R, and Python for high-level data analysis and provide our clients services in all software. We can help you to do an analysis of your data and make high-level graphs using Sigma Plot, Mapplot, etc with analysis in SPSS, STATA etc.

  • SCI /SSCI / SCIE / EI Paper Publish

    Our team guarantees the publication of SSCI / SCI / EI publication timely with your data or without your data. We can assist in improving your current papers also to make it acceptable in journals.

  • Translation (English & Chinese)

    We can help you translate any document (Certificate, Thesis, Research Paper, Invoice) in English or Chinese.

  • Thesis Proposal / Mid Term Report

    A thesis proposal is a key report for your graduation and our experts can help you to decide the topic and write the proposal to make it better in front of the pre-defense committee.

  • Plagiarism Check

    Can your report plagiarism in just a few minutes from our experts at a cheap price.