Jasmine Jiangsu Gov. Scholarship

Categories of Scholarship

1. Full Scholarship

The full scholarship covers the tuition, accommodation, comprehensive insurance and monthly allowance 1500RMB/month.

2. Partial Scholarship

Bachelor, Graduate and post-graduate students: 30000 RMB only for the first year.

 Required Documents

1. Copy of the passport;

2. The most advanced degree, diploma and transcript;

3. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors;

4. Health report;

5. Language Certificates.


Applicants should be younger than 30 for undergraduate, 35 for master and 40 for doctoral programs.


May.30th of each year

Application Procedures:

1. Fulfill the Jasmine online application via http://www.studyinjiangsu.org/.

2. Fulfill the Hohai online application via http://admission.hhu.edu.cn

There’s no need to send any hard copies to either of the institutes.


Admission Office, Hohai University

Address: No.1, Xikang Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Zip code: 210098

Telephone: +86-25-83787955

FAX: +86-25-83787981

E-mail: admission@hhu.edu.cn

Website: http://ie.hhu.edu.cn

Chengdu the Belt and Road Initiative Scholarship


In 2018, Chengdu Municipal People’s Government officially set up Chengdu “the Belt and Road” Initiative Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as the “Scholarship”) in order to further the exchange and cooperation along “the Belt and Road” initiative countries and enhance mutual understanding and friendship.

The Scholarship is provided by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government to support the study and living of international students from “the Belt and Road” initiative countries who receive degree/diploma education or non-degree programs for more than three months in Chengdu.

As one of the universities eligible of receiving the Scholarship students, UESTC welcome students to study here.

List of “the Belt and Road” Initiative Countries

II、Scholarship Types

Degree Student Scholarship (Undergraduate and Graduate Stduents)

Undergraduate students: including tuition, on-campus dormitory, medical insurance with the period of no more than 4 years.

Graduate students: Same with the University Full Scholarship in UESTC.

III、Eligible Applicants

1. Applicants should be citizens from “the Belt and Road” initiative countries;

2. Applicants should abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government, have good performance, meeting the admission requirements of UESTC;

3. Applicants should have the right attitude to study, without breaking school rules and disciplines;

4. Applicants’ academic performance and non-academic activities will be taken as a basis for the Scholarship selection.

5. International students who have been awarded other scholarship are not allowed to apply for the Scholarship.

IV、Application Date and Procedure

1. Before arrivals of UESTC, the first round evaluation of eligible applicants will be conducted by the Scholarship Committee of UESTC.

2. After arrivals of UESTC, the eligible applicants should submit the required documents to the School of International Education.

3. The documents of qualified applicants will be sent to the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government for the final appraisal and approval.

4. Namelist of the Scholarship winners will be posted on the university website, lasting 5 working days. If you have any disagreement or opinion, please contact the School of International Education within these 5 working days.

V、Application Documents

1) Application form for Chengdu “the Belt and Road” Initiative Scholarship (Two copies, with 1-inch photos, written in Chinese or English)

2) Two Recommendation Letters (written in Chinese or English, only for graduate students);

Applicants must submit two recommendation letters signed by professor or associate professor.

3) Admission Letter or Admission Notice of UESTC

4) Transcripts of the Most Advanced Studies (Notarized Photocopy)

Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

5) Diploma of the Most Advanced Studies (Notarized Photocopy)

Prospective diploma winners must submit official document issued by your current school to prove your current student status or expected graduation date.

Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

6) Physical Examination Form for Foreigners (Photocopy)

The physical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete forms or forms without the signature of the attending physician, or the official stamp of the hospital, or a sealed photograph of the applicant are considered as invalid.

Please carefully plan your physical examination schedule as the result is valid for only 6 months.

Pleases keep the original copy of the Form for school registration.

7) Study Plan in Chengdu (written in Chinese or English)

This should be a minimum of 800 words.

8) Articles or Papers Written or Published (only for graduate students)


School of International Education, UESTC

Address: A2-105, Main Building, No.2006, Xiyuan Ave, West Hi-Tech Zone, 611731, Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R.China

Contact: Ms.Lin Min; Ms.Wang Ya

Tel: 0086-28-61831638; 0086-28-61831089

Fax: 0086-28-61831637

Admission Email: admission@uestc.edu.cn

Online Application Website: http://admission.uestc.edu.cn/

Alternative website for Online Application:https://uestc.17gz.orgClick here to get more information about FAQs…

Ningxia University Study in China Scholarship Enrolment Program

In order to further accelerate the process of internationalization, serve the school’s ” double first-class ” construction, expand the scale of foreign students, and attract high-quality students, Ningxia University has established scholarships for studying in China.

1. Enrollment category

Full-time undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students

2. Enrollment quota

There are 30 undergraduate students , 15 master students , and 5 doctoral students .

3. Enrollment target

Only for students who have not enjoyed Ningxia University Scholarship for Studying in China

4. Applicant qualifications

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health;

2. Those who come to China to study for a bachelor degree must have a high school diploma and be under the age of 25 ;

3. Those who come to China to study for a master’s degree must have a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35 ;

4. Those who come to China to study for a doctoral degree must have a master’s degree and be under the age of 40 ;

5. Applicants applying for Chinese-taught majors must provide HSK 4 or above certificates within the valid period ( zero starting point for undergraduate majors in Chinese Language and Literature) Students who do not meet the requirements can apply to the school for a one-year language preparatory education. Professional learning can be started only after passing the Hanbu or the corresponding HSK level.

5. Scholarship content and standards

The scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, living expenses and comprehensive medical insurance.

The standard of living expenses is:

● Undergraduate: 2500 RMB / month /12 months

● Master’s degree students: 3000 RMB / month /12 months

● Doctoral students: 3500 RMB / month /12 months

6. Scholarship period

Scholarship same period with the professional education (undergraduate 4 -year, graduate 3 academic year, PhD 3 school year, the specific provisions of the letter of acceptance learning time). Ningxia University scholarships are issued every 12 months. During the Chinese preparatory education (Chinese language tuition), you will enjoy a half scholarship, and you will enjoy a full scholarship after you enter the major.

7, application steps

1. Applicants log in to http://www.apply.nxu.cucas.cn , select ” Online Application ” to enter the application page, click ” Register ” for a new account, and start filling in the application information;

2. Please be sure to read the ” User Guide ” carefully and start filling in;

3. Upload a scanned copy of the application materials and submit the application.

4 . The school will announce the list of admissions at the end of June ;

5 . The school handles the admission procedures for the admitted ( JW202 form, admission notice);

6 . The admitted applicants shall go to the Chinese embassy (consulate) to apply for a study visa ( X1 ) in China based on the admission procedures issued by the school .

8. List of application materials

1. “Ningxia University Foreign Student Admission Application Form”;

2. A copy of the highest degree certificate;

3. The original and photocopy of the highest degree certificate notarized by the Chinese Embassy. If the applicant is a student at school, he/she must also submit an enrollment certificate or pre-graduation certificate issued by the school he/she is studying, and the original and notarized copy of the academic qualification certificate must be submitted after admission;

4. A copy of the transcript during the semester and the original and photocopy of the notarized copy notarized by the Chinese Embassy;

5. Study plan (undergraduate) or research plan (graduate) in China;

6. Letter of recommendation. Applicants for bachelor’s degree must submit two recommendation letters in Chinese or English issued by high school teachers; applicants for master’s or doctoral degree must submit two recommendation letters in Chinese or English issued by professors or associate professors;

7. Your passport (the validity period of the passport must exceed the application period for studying in China);

8. Electronic photos (pixel quality must be greater than 1M );

9. Articles published in public journals, etc.; (must be provided by applicants for doctoral degree)

10. All kinds of award certificates during the study or work period;

11. HSK level certificate (applicants for non-Chinese majors must provide HSK level 4 or 5 certificates), applicants for English-taught majors should submit proof of English proficiency;

12. AIDS laboratory report;

13. A certificate of no criminal record notarized by the Chinese Embassy.

14. A copy of the “Foreigner Physical Examination Record” (the original is kept by yourself. This form is uniformly printed by the Chinese Health and Quarantine Department and can be downloaded at http://sie.nxu.edu.cn ) and the blood examination report. Applicants should strictly follow the items required in the “Foreigner Physical Examination Record” for inspection. The “Foreigner Physical Examination Record” that is missing, does not have a photo of the person affixed, or the photo is not stamped with a seam seal, is not signed and stamped by the doctor and the hospital, is invalid. Applicants are requested to complete the physical examination within 3 months before coming to China ;

Note: After all the above application materials are submitted online, the original must be provided at the time of registration. Check with the online submission materials. If the passport or documents submitted at the time of application are inconsistent with those at the time of registration, the enrollment qualification will be cancelled and all fees shall be borne by yourself.

9. Application deadline

 5 / 30 /201

10. Contact

Address: 217# , Wencui North Street, Xixia District, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China

Ningxia University International Education College

Tel: 0086-951-2061983 +86-13995408778 (same number on WeChat )

Fax: 0086-951-2061688

Enrollment email: gjjyxy@nxu.edu.cn (Please do not use Gmail to send emails)

College website: http://sie.nxu.edu.cn

Online registration: http://www.apply.nxu.cucas.cn

Qinghai University Chinese Government Scholarship Program

Admissions Guide

Qinghai University was founded in 1958. It is the only local comprehensive university in Qinghai Province that focuses on four majors of engineering, agriculture, medicine, and management, and coordinates the development of other disciplines. It is jointly established by the province and the ministry and is supported by universities such as Tsinghua University. In 2012, it was selected as a university in the “Project for Enhancement of Comprehensive Strength of Universities in the Midwest” in 2012. Outstanding students and scholars from all over the world are welcome to apply for Chinese government scholarships to study or conduct research at Qinghai University!

Independent Enrollment Program of Chinese Universities

The “Autonomous Enrollment Program for Chinese Universities” is a full scholarship pro vided to the provincial education administrative departments of some provinces and autonomous regions in China and some Chinese universities for the direct selection and recruitment of outstanding young foreign students to study in China.

1. Types of funding

1. Enrollment categories: full-time master students and doctoral students, the duration of the scholarship for master students is 3 years; the duration of the scholarship for doctoral students is 4 years.

2. The enrollment quota of this scholarship is only for enrolling new students, not for students who have already studied in China. Students who study their native language or third-country language and literature majors such as English and French are not admitted.

3. All scholarship students who are taught in Chinese, if their Chinese proficiency does not meet the requirements for entering the major, they must take a one-year Chinese tuition after coming to China. Our school does not have Chinese language tuition programs.

4. The duration of the scholarship is the length of study determined at the time of admission, including the period of professional study. In principle, it will not be extended.

2. Scholarship content: full scholarship

●Tuition: Free of tuition;

●Accommodation fee (free dormitory provided by the school); if you live off campus, you must first apply and sign the relevant security guarantee agreement.

●Living Expenses: Implemented according to the scholarship standard of Chinese government scholarship students.

●Comprehensive medical insurance

Please refer to the insurance content and claims procedures

http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua/newsdetail.aspx?cid=11&id=2705 “Introduction to Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Claims Guide for International Students in China”.

3. Application acceptance agency and application time

Application acceptance agency: Please consult the Foreign Affairs Office of Qinghai University directly.

Application time: March 1st to April 15th

4. Application conditions

1. Non-Chinese citizens, in good health;

2. Students who are not studying in China (graduates studying in China must graduate more than one year);

3. Educational background and age requirements:

●Applicants who come to China to study for a master’s degree must have a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35;

●Applicants who come to China to study for a doctoral degree must have a master’s degree and be under the age of 40.

4. Language requirements:

Applicants for Chinese-taught programs should have HSK scores above level 4. Students of Chinese-taught academic qualifications must reach HSK Level 5 when they graduate; applicants for English-taught programs must have relevant IELTS or TOEFL certificates that prove their English proficiency.

5. Application process

1. Applicants can directly submit an application to Qinghai University;

2. Applicants must log in to the “CSC Online Application System for Studying in China”

(Log in to http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina or www.campuschina.org and click the “Online Registration Student Entry” icon to enter), fill in the application information online, and submit the relevant materials online;

The acceptance agency code required for online registration of Qinghai University is 10743.

3. Applicants must prepare corresponding materials according to the requirements of the following “application materials” list, and submit the application materials to the Foreign Affairs Office of Qinghai University within the specified time.

6. Application materials (all in duplicate)

1. “Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form” (Chinese or English);

2. Notarized highest education certificate. If the applicant is a student at school, he must also submit a certificate of enrollment issued by the school he is attending. Documents in languages ​​other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;

3. Academic transcripts. Documents in languages ​​other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;

4. Study and research plans in China. Written in Chinese or English (not less than 800 words);

5. Letter of recommendation. Recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors, written in Chinese or English;

6. A copy of the “Physical Examination Form for Foreigners”. You can log on to the website of China Scholarship Council

Download from http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua or http://www.campuschina.org, fill in English. Applicants should strictly follow the required items in the “Physical Examination Form for Foreigners” to conduct inspections. The “Foreigner Physical Examination Form” with missing items, no photo of the person posted, or no seal on the photo, and no signature and seal of the physician or hospital, is invalid. The inspection result is valid for 6 months;

7. HSK score report or TOEFL, IELTS certificate.

8. A copy of the first page of a valid ordinary passport.

9. Qinghai University professors accept international students’ intent form or acceptance letter.

Note: Applicant materials will not be returned regardless of admission.

7. Admission and notification

1. After receiving the application materials, Qinghai University will review and select the best candidates for admission.

2. Applicants admitted by Qinghai University can receive Chinese government scholarships to study in China after they pass the review by the Scholarship Council;

3. Scholarship recipients must participate in the annual scholarship review as required after enrollment. Those who fail to pass the review will be suspended or disqualified from the scholarship.

4. Scholarship recipients are not allowed to change their admission institutions, majors and duration of study after coming to China;

5. Scholarship qualifications will not be reserved for those who cannot come to China to study within the time limit for admission.

contact details

Address: Foreign Affairs Office of Qinghai University, No.251 Ningda Road, Chengbei District, Xining City, Qinghai Province, China

Zip code: 10086

Contact: Teacher Yu Teacher Li

Chinese Government & Shandong University International Student Scholarship

Shandong University, founded in 1901, is a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education of China, and has been selected as a national “World-Class University” in the list of Class A universities. The school currently has more than 70,000 full-time students (including 1,560 international students). The school is located in Shandong Province, the birthplace of Confucian culture. It runs schools in Jinan, Qingdao and Weihai. It has signed inter-school cooperation agreements with more than 200 schools in more than 30 countries and regions. Shandong University has become a well-known university with a long history of running a school, profound cultural heritage, strong academic strength, and extensive international influence. It is an ideal institution for students at home and abroad to pursue further studies.

1. Eligibility for application

1. Physically and mentally healthy, non-Chinese citizens who hold a valid ordinary passport of a foreign country;

2. For those who were originally Chinese citizens and later became foreign nationals, as well as those whose parents are Chinese citizens and settled in a foreign country, and those who have foreign nationality at birth, our school implements the “Ministry of Education’s Regulations Regarding the Acceptance of International Students in Our Colleges and Universities” Work Notice” (Jiaowaihan [2020] No. 12), applicants must submit relevant supporting documents ( Annex 1 );

3. Should have a degree equivalent to a Chinese master’s degree.

2. Application time

Application time for Chinese Government Scholarship: December 18, 2020-March 31, 2021;

Application time for Shandong University International Student Scholarship: December 18, 2020-March 31, 2021;

Application time for self-financed students: December 18, 2020-May 31, 2021.

Note: In order to prevent the system from shutting down and unable to submit supplementary materials, it is recommended that applicants complete the application at least two weeks before the deadline.

3. Admissions Major

The doctoral majors that our school is open to international students include Chinese-taught majors and English-taught majors. All applicants can only fill in one. After being admitted, in principle, the major cannot be changed. Please refer to the website for the admission of doctoral students in the fall of 2021:


4. Application method

Applicants must log in to the Shandong University International Student Online Application System ( http://www.apply.sdu.edu.cn ) to apply online, fill in the application information and upload the required application materials. There is no need to mail paper application materials.

5. Application materials

Language RequirementsChinese-taught major1. HSK Level 6 (180 points and above);2. Those who have the highest academic qualifications taught in Chinese can be exempt from HSK certificate, but must provide proof of the language of instruction.English-taught major1. Applicants whose mother tongue is English (U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Canada) are exempt from providing English language certification;2. Applicants whose native language is not English must provide IELTS (6.0 and above), TOEFL (80 points and above / TOEFL score and home test, our school’s DI code: C296) or other equivalent English proficiency materials ;3. Applicants whose native language is not English and whose highest academic degree is English, do not need to provide IELTS/TOEFL scores, but must submit proof of the language of instruction. The language certification letter should be issued by the applicant’s school. The letter must state that the major of the study is taught in English, and be signed by the relevant person in charge and affixed with the school’s official seal.
Application materials1. Passport personal information page (passport valid until after October 31, 2021);2. Undergraduate and master’s graduation/degree certificate or pre-graduation certificate;3. Transcripts of all courses at the undergraduate and master’s level;4. Two Chinese/English recommendation letters written by professors or associate professors (or equivalent positions);Note: The name, title, work unit, telephone number and email address of the recommender must be stated on the recommendation letter.5. Chinese/English personal statement;Note: Applicants should fill in according to the template requirements provided by our school (please click the link to download the template: https://www.istudy.sdu.edu.cn/info/1283/3326.htm ); applicants for Chinese-taught programs Written in Chinese, and applicants applying for English-taught programs should write in English.6. Language proof;7. Physical examination form for foreigners;Note: Applicants should strictly follow the required items in the “Foreigner Physical Examination Form” (please click the link to download the template: https://www.istudy.sdu.edu.cn/info/1283/3353.htm ). The “Foreigner Physical Examination Form” that is missing, does not have a photo of the person posted, or is not stamped with a seam seal on the photo, is not signed and stamped by the doctor and the hospital is invalid. The inspection results are valid for 6 months.8. No criminal record certificate;9. “International Student Financial Guarantee Letter” and its guarantee materials;Note: “International Student Financial Guarantee Letter” (please click the link to download the template: https://www.istudy.sdu.edu.cn/info/1283/3313.htm ) must be filled out in Chinese or English; scan the uploaded guarantee materials The documents include a deposit certificate that guarantees reasonable expenses for study, life, international travel, etc. during the study in China, and a scanned copy of the passport or identity certificate of the guarantor (limited to the applicant or his immediate family). Except for those who have received a Chinese government scholarship, all other students must provide it.10. Work certificate (if any);11. Write or publish academic article catalogs and abstracts (if any).

Six, application instructions

1. The uploaded materials must be in Chinese or English. For documents in other languages, the original document and a notarized translation in English or Chinese must be uploaded at the same time. Please use a scanner to scan and upload relevant documents in color. Documents taken by mobile phones or cameras are not accepted, and copies are not accepted. Except for the “Foreigner Physical Examination Form” and personal signatures that can appear in handwriting, the other documents provided will not accept handwriting.

2. If the application materials are incomplete, our school will not accept it; our school and the admissions department of the department have the right to require some applicants to provide the original/notarized written version of the application materials or the certification documents issued by the designated certification body for further inspection.

3. As the education system of some countries is different from that of China, the relevant information on the academic degree requirements of applicants from some countries can be found in Annex 2 .

4. Applicants should ensure that the application information and application materials provided are true and accurate. Once the admissions unit or certification department verifies that it is not true, the application, admission or study qualifications will be cancelled.

5. Electronic documents published by our school and related admissions departments through websites and emails or sent to applicants shall be deemed to have been served.

Seven, examination and admission

The school selects the best candidates for admission, and considers some majors in combination with the video interview situation. International students can log on to the online application system to check the admission results. The admission results of self-financed students will be announced before June 30. The admission results of the Chinese Government Scholarship and Shandong University International Student Freshman Scholarship will be announced no later than September 1. For those admitted, the admission notice and JW201/JW202 form will be mailed by the International Student Admissions Office of Shandong University.

8. Registration time

Admitted students must register at Shandong University in strict accordance with the time specified in the admission notice. Upon registration, the original graduation/degree certificate, original language proficiency certificate, etc. will be verified.

9. Expenses

1. Registration fee: 400 yuan (paid after obtaining pre-admission qualifications)

2. Check the link for tuition standard: https://www.istudy.sdu.edu.cn/English/Fees1.htm

3. Medical insurance premium:

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of China, international students in China must purchase medical insurance in China. The medical insurance fee is 800 yuan/year/person. For students who do not purchase medical insurance as required, the school will not process registration procedures. (Please visit http://www.lxbx.net for insurance content and claims procedures )

10. Scholarship

Excellent full-time international students can apply for the following scholarships:

1. Chinese government scholarship. For specific application information, please refer to:

https://www.istudy.sdu.edu.cn/English/Scholarships/Government_Scholarship.htm ;

2. Shandong University International Student Freshman Scholarship. For specific application information, please refer to:


3. For other scholarships, see:

https://www.istudy.sdu.edu.cn/English/Scholarships/Overview_of_SDU_International_Student_scholarshi.htm .

11. Accommodation

Shandong University provides on-campus accommodation for international students. After enrollment, students can log on to www.istudy.sdu.edu.cn to inquire about accommodation related information, the telephone number: +86(0)531-88365855

12. Visa

Admitted students must apply for a study visa to China at the Chinese embassy (consulate) in the country where the applicant is located with the admission notice and study visa application form (JW201/JW202). Those who have studied in China for less than 6 months should apply for an X2 visa; those who have studied for more than 6 months must apply for an X1 visa, and apply for a residence permit within 30 days of arrival in China.

13. Contact

Address: Room C301, Mingde Building, Shandong University Central Campus, 27 Shanda South Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

Postal Code: 250100

Phone: +86(0)531-88364854

Fax: +86(0)531-88565051

Email: admission@email.sdu.edu.cn

Website: http://www.istudy.sdu.edu.cn

2020-2021 University Program—Chinese Government Scholarship

Chinese University Program is a full scholarship for designated Chinese universities and certain provincial education offices in specific provinces or autonomous regions to recruit outstanding international students for graduate studies in China. It only supports GRADUATE students.

Application Time: Between 10thJanuary and 7thApril,2020.

Criteria and Eligibility:

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health.  

2. Education background and age limit:  

– Applicants for master’s degree programs must have bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35.

– Applicants for doctoral programs must have master’s degree and be under the age of 40.

Benefits of Chinese Government Scholarship

– Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee and fee for dormitory on campus;  

– Living allowance:  

Master’s degree students: CNY 3,000 per month  

Doctoral degree students: CNY 3,500 per month  

NOTE: Students registering on or before the 15th of the month will receive a full stipend of that month. Those who register after the 15th of the month will receive a half stipend of that month. Graduating students will receive stipend until half month after the graduation date. If registered student stays out of China for more than 15 days due to a personal reason (school holidays excluded), his stipend will be stopped during his leaving.

-Comprehensive Medical Insurance:  

Please visithttp://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua or http://www.campuschina.org and refer to Comprehensive Insurance &Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China for insurance policy.

Application Documents:

(Applicants should submit TWO sets of documents. No application documents will be returned)

1. Application Form for Chinese Government  Scholarship (written in Chinese or English).





Program Category: B

Agency Number: 10060

You can register and fill in the application form online. After submission of the form, you can download your application form from the system, and sign it and submit it together with the following documents to the Tianjin University of Technology.  

The application form also can be downloaded at:


NOTE: Those who cannot apply online can also get the application form from the Chinese Embassy.

2.Notarized Highest diploma:

Prospective diploma recipients must submit official document issued by your current school to prove your current student status or expected graduation date. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.  

3. Notarized Academic transcripts/grades:

Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.  

4. A Study Plan or Research Proposal:

All applicants are required to submit a study plan regarding their proposed field of study and intended career, as well as reasons to study in China. It must be in Chinese or in English (no less than 800 words).  

5. Two Recommendation Letters (written in Chinese or English):

Applicants must submit two recommendation letters signed by a professor or an associate professor.  

6. A CD of your own works (only required for Arts students):

Applicants for the fine arts programs must submit a CD of their own works with include two sketches, two color paintings and two other works.  

7. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (The original copy should be kept by the applicant):

The form printed by Chinese quarantine authority can be downloaded from:  

http://www.csc.edu.cn or obtained from the Chinese Embassy.

The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. Please carefully plan your examination schedule as it is valid for only 6 months.  

8.Thecopy of valid HSK Certificate (if available):NOTE: All documents should be bound together on top left corner in the order of 1-8.

TGU with CSC scholarship( Chinese Government Scholarship )

CSC scholarship information and apply online:

1.Q: How can applicant find out information about the CSC scholarship?

   A: Applicant can get information for the CSC scholarship programs from this linkhttp://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_74779.html  and apply to study in TGU with CSC scholarship- university program online on CSC websitehttp://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/login. Tiangong University agency number is 10058.

2. Q: Does CSC scholarship application require the applicant to apply online in university website?

 A. Not really. Please kindly apply on website of CSC first.

Pre-admission (Acceptance Letter)

3.Q:Does CSC scholarship-university program require the applicant to provide the Acceptance Letter from potential supervisor in advance?

   A: The Acceptance letter from potential supervisor is not a required  document  for CSC scholarship- university program.

     If applicant apply for other CSC scholarship programs to be dispatched by Chinese Embassy,EU office,UNESCO, etc. to study in TGU, School of international Education,TGU will issue Pre-admissionletter to applicantafter screening the application documents.

4.Q: What documents will be required for obtaining Pre-admission letter from TGU?

   A: The applicant needs to send in the following documents by email (iotjpu@tiangong.edu.cn)

        copy of your Application form and application document to study in TGU( download:application form and doument.xlsx)

        copy of your passport

Application fee

5. Q:Is the applicant required to pay a fee for scholarship application to TGU?

A:The application for CSC scholarship university program is free.

Deadline and address for application document submission

6.Q:When is the begin time and deadline set by TGU for the application of CSC scholarship-university program?

   A:Set on April 15th,2021.

7.Q: Whether applicant to post the application document for CSC scholarship -university program?

   A:  No. You just submit it on the CSC website.

Degree and programs

8. Q: What degree and program can applicant apply to study in TGU for CSC scholarship-university program?

   A:Applicant can apply to study in TGU for postgraduate (Masters and Phd) and undergraduate (only Textile Engineering taught in Chinese) with CSC scholarship-university program, all of the TGU program are available in CSC websitehttp://www.campuschina.org/universities_art/index.html?key=D15F63DEE50A2CB2.  and Admission Information on TGU English website .

    In principle, TGU school or program as specified will be in priority in CSC scholarship candidate assessment:school of textiles science and engineering, school of material science and engineering, school of chemistry and chemical engineering, school of environmental science and engineering and school of mechanical engineering, and program of  computer science and technology, electronics science and technology, information and communication engineering, mathematics, management science and engineering, electrical engineering, control science and engineering from other TGU schools .

Applicant who is studying in China

9. Q: Can applicant who is studying in China apply for CSC scholarship-university program to study in TGU?

     A: Yes.

Chinese language proficiency requirement if apply for Chinese taught program sponsored by CSC scholarship – university program  

10. Q:What is the Chinese language proficiency requirement if apply for Chinese taught program sponsored by CSC scholarship-university program?

     A: Applicant application is required to include HSK 3 or above level of certificate if apply as undergraduate or general scholar student or senior scholar student; HSK 4 or above level of certificate if apply as master or Phd student.  

Scholarship recipient notice

11. Q: When and how can applicant get noticed if the admission as scholarship candidate approved by CSC?

      A: Scholarship recipient of CSC scholarship-University program will receive email and phone call from School of International Education, TGU in late July, scholarship recipients in the waiting list may get notified later but before the end of August, the Admission Letter and JW201 form will be mailed to the address on application form. We will not answer inquiry about admission process and result.

Partial scholarship application as back-up

12. Q: How can CSC full scholarship applicant apply for partial scholarship as back-up?

      A: Since the placements for CSC full scholarship -university program are limited annually, if the applicant also would apply and accept to study in TGU with other partial scholarship to be offered by Tianjin Municipal Government and TGU as back-up, the application steps are :

      1).Apply in TGU online application systemhttp://en.tjpu.edu.cn/2017/1211/c1043a30084/page.htm.

 2).Download and fill in the scholarship intention form.docx and send to:iotjpu@tiangong.edu.cn.

    Such applicant will receive partial scholarship notice on about May and June in case of the applicant is not listed by TGU as CSC scholarship candidate but in TGU list of partial scholarship candidates.

“Chinese Government Scholarship-Silk Road Program” Tianjin University 2021

In order to deepen the education cooperation with the Belt and Road”countries and to cultivate professionals for these countries, the Ministry of Education P.R.C has set up the “Chinese Government Scholarship-Silk Road Program” since 2017. This scholarship program is provided to China’s high-level universities for recruiting the outstanding young students from “Belt and Road” countries to pursue degrees in China.

I. When and Where to Apply                                                                   

Applicants should complete an Online Application on the website(tju.at0086.cn/student)according to the application schedule. Applicants should fill in the application information online, upload the application documents listed below to the Online Application System. Students who are admitted and nominated for the Chinese Government Scholarship-Silk Road Program need to log into the system of China Scholarship Council at http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua/ within the specified time to submit the scholarship application (The Agency Number for Tianjin University is 10056;Choose Program Category Type B).

Application Schedule

Jan. 18, 2021-Apr. 15,2021

II. Supporting Categories and Scholarship Duration

ProgramSpecialty DurationChinese Learning DurationScholarship Duration
Master (taught in Chinese)2.5-3 years1 year2.5-4years
Master (taught in English)2-3 years2-3 years
PhD3-4 years1 year3-5 years

III. Qualification of Applicants

1. Applicants must be a citizen of countries along the Belt and Road, and be in good health;For name list of B&R countries, please refer to: https://eng.yidaiyilu.gov.cn/info/iList.jsp?cat_id=10076

2. Requirements for applicants’ degree and age: 

Applicant applying for a Master degree should hold a Bachelor diploma and be under the age of 35 ;

Applicant applying for a PhD degree should hold a Master diploma and be under the age of 40.

3. Language proficiency requirements:

①Chinese-taught programs applicants need to submit HSK certificates. A minimum requirement of HSK4 (Score 195 or above) for Engineering/Science; HSK5 (Score 180 or above) for business and liberal arts is needed. (Native Chinese speakers or applicants taught in Chinese during master study may be exempted from the HSK test after certified by Tianjin University)

②English-taught programs applicants need to submit English proficiency certificate (Native English speakers are exempted). TOEFL: no less than 80, IELTS: no less than 6.0. (Native English speakers are exempted. Applicants who obtained their highest diploma taught in English may provide a certificate of English instruction instead of IELTS or TOEFL certificate).

4. Applicants should have good conduct, good physical and mental health, and be willing to abide by the laws and regulations of China and Tianjin University.

IV. Scholarship Coverage

1. Tuition waiver and accommodation on campus; 

2. Monthly Living Allowance: 

3,000 RMB/month for Master students;

3,500 RMB/month for PhD students;

3. Comprehensive Medical Insurance.

V. Program Catalogue

For programs covered by this scholarship, please click here.( For reference only, specific programs to be determined.)

VI. Application Materials 

1.Scan copy of highest diploma. Scan of pre-graduation certificate is required if the applicants have not gained degree certificate before the application deadline, please resubmit the notarized copy of highest diploma before registration.

2.Scan of notarized copy of the academic transcripts (Applicants who will not graduate before the application deadline may provide their current academic transcript and submitted the full transcript before registration).

3.Photocopy of passport. (Ordinary passport with valid period).

4.Chinese or English Proficiency Certificate (for more requirements, please refer to Qualifications ).

5.Study or research plan: no less than 800 words in English or Chinese.

6.Two recommendation letters in English or Chinese from two professors or associate professors (Please click to download the template).

7.Form of Provisional Acceptance of International Student by TJU Professor (please click to download the template). Remember to upload it to the application system, if you get the Acceptance letter. Please click here to get?contacts of?professors.

8.Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form?(The medical examinations must cover all the items listed and should be conducted after November, 2020).

9.Applicants who are now in China must submit scan of Photocopy of Visa and Transfer Certificate from present university.

10. Scan of Non-Criminal Records.

11.Other attachments: (Scholarship applicants should submit CSC application form with signature, published papers etc.) 

Application Remarks

1. All uploaded documents should be in Chinese or in English; otherwise notarial translations in Chinese or English are required. Once translated, the original documents and certified translations are to be submitted together to the application system.

2. Please scan the original or notarized application documents in color using a scanner. Images captured by mobile phone or camera are not acceptable. Copies are also not acceptable.

3. Applications with incomplete documents will not be processed.

4. TJU has the right to request the applicants to provide the original or notarized hard copies of application documents for further qualification checks if the uploaded documents are not sufficient. Applicants shall guarantee all the information and application documents submitted in this application are authentic and accurate, otherwise they will be disqualified from admission.

VII. Admission Procedures

1. Application:

Jan. 18, 2021-Mar.15, 2021

2. TJU Review and interview: March 16 to June 1, 2021;

Date and form of interview will be notified through the email of TJU online system. Please check your email day by day. Applicants who fail to attend the interview are deemed to be giving up the application.

3. China Scholarship Council Review: Tianjin University will deliver materials of applicants who pass the TJU review to CSC and wait for the final admission results, normally from June 1 to June 30 (the exact date is decided by CSC each year);

4. Result Release: Tianjin University will announce the admission result officially on website, and post Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201) to scholarship winners from July 1 to July 31;

5. Registration: from the end of August to the early September, 2021.

VIII. Contact

International Admissions Office, School of International Education, Tianjin University

Address: 92 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, PR.China

Zip code: 300072

Tel: +86-22-27406691   

Fax: +86-22-27406147

E-mail: graduate@tju.edu.cn

Website: http://sie.tju.edu.cn/en/www.tju.edu.cn

Study-at-Nankai scholarship


1.Applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen, under the age of 25, and have a high school diploma.

2.Applicant is applying for studying in bachelor’s degree in Nankai University, or already enrolled in bachelor majors of Nankai University

Application Procedures

1. Submit online application prior to May 10th.

2. Interview (Informed by schools).

3. Upon completing the application process and being formally accepted into Nankai University’s programs,

the applicant’s information will then be submitted to the foreign students’ admission committee for review.

Only after being accepted to Nankai University can a student qualify for a scholarship.

4. The results will be further notified.

5. In early July, International Students Office will mail applicants an Acceptance

Letter as well as Form JW202 – Visa Application for Study in China and any other relevant documents.

Application Materials

1. Please register in http://nankai.17gz.org/member/login.do and complete the online application. (Choose Self-sponsored (Other colleges))

2. Highest diploma. If applicants are university students or are already employed, they should also provide Current Enrollment Verification Certification or on-post employees. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English, notarized translations in Chinese or English are required.

3. Official transcripts. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English, notarized translations in Chinese or English are required.

4. Personal Statement, including study or research plan, personal background, financial situation, personal strengths etc., written in Chinese or English (no less than 300 words).

5. One recommendation letter in Chinese or English is a must.

6. Applicants are required to have HSK level 4 or above.

7. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (printed by Chinese Quarantine Authority – only required for those whose period of studies in China lasts more than six months) filled out in English. The medical examinations must cover all of the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, official stamp of the hospital, or a sealed (stamped) photograph of the applicants are invalid. The medical examination results will be valid for six months. All applicants are kindly requested to take this factor into consideration while determining when to take the medical examination. Download at: http://study.nankai.edu.cn/cn/download?cid=118&pid=99. Otherwise, applicants may provide a resident permit, of which the expiration date is after May 15th of the application year.

8. Photocopy of Passport.

9. Copy of Application Fee Receipt. The application fee for undergraduate is CNY400 or US$75, which can be submitted in person to the International Students Office, A101, Aichi House, Nankai University or wired to the following account:

(a) RMB Account

Account Name: Nankai University

Bank Name: Bank of Communications, Tianjin Branch, Nankai University Sub-Branch


Account No: 120066032010149600156

(b) USD Account

Account Name: Nankai University

Bank Name: Bank of Communications, Tianjin Branch, Nankai University Sub-Branch


USD Account No: 120066032146300000768

◆ When submitting the payment, please clearly state that these are Self Support Application Fee as well as the name and nationality of the applicant. Also, please note that this application fee is non-refundable.

◆ Whether admitted or not, the above application materials will not be returned.

Value of Award

Full Scholarship: CNY 18000 /student/year

Partial Scholarship: CNY 10000 /student/year

◆ Nankai University shall reserve all the rights of modifying the scholarship.The scholarships must be applied for every year. 

Other Tips

1.Nankai University will evaluate the performance of the scholarship students annually.

2.Scholarship students normally cannot change their major or institution.

Contact Information

Ms. Li

International Students Office, Office for International Academic Exchanges

Nankai University

Tel: +86 22-23508825 / 22-23508686

Fax: +86 22-23509646

Address: 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin, P.R.China 300071

Email: nankaiss@163.com

Website: http://study.nankai.edu.cn

Application Deadline and Place

Application Deadline: Prior to May 10th

Tianjin Foreign Studies University Scholarship

Scholarship admission categories

According to the types of students, there are three types of scholarships for undergraduate international students, scholarships for international graduate students and doctoral students.

How to apply

Applicants must apply to the International Student Admissions Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Tianjin Foreign Studies University.

Scholarship content

Sponsor the tuition for one year.

application time

From March to June each year . For specific time, please consult the International Student Admissions Office of Tianjin Foreign Studies University.

Conditions for applying for scholarship

1. Applicants must be foreign citizens who apply for the undergraduate, master or doctoral degree education of Tianjin Foreign Studies University;

2. Applicants studying for undergraduates should obtain a diploma or certificate equivalent to a Chinese senior high school graduation, and be under the age of 30 .

3. Applicants studying for master’s degree should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent academic qualifications and be under 35 years of age.

4. Applicants studying for doctoral degree should have a master’s degree or equivalent academic qualifications and be under the age of 40 .

5. Did not receive any other scholarships.

Scholarship application process

1. Applicants apply on our school application website, fill in the information and submit the materials , and complete the application. ( http://tfsu.at0086.cn/StuApplication/Login.aspx )

2. Contact the International Student Admissions Office for an exam or interview.

3. The school will send visa application materials (admission notice and JW2020 form) for scholarship applicants

Scholarship application materials

1.       Copy of ordinary passport within the validity period

2.       Notarized highest education certificate, graduation certificate or degree certificate.

If the applicant is a student at school, he/she must also submit a pre-graduation certificate issued by the school where he/she is studying. Documents in languages ​​other than Chinese or English must be attached with original notarized translations in Chinese or English.

3. Academic transcripts. Documents in languages ​​other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

4. Two recommendation letters from associate professors or above (only required when applying for master’s and doctoral students)

Use Chinese or English.

5. “Foreigner Physical Examination Record” (copy)

6. Other supplementary materials, such as HSK certificate, various award certificates, etc.

Professional choice

Please refer to the school website for specific majors. Some graduate and undergraduate majors of the school can provide English-taught courses. For details, please contact the International Student Admissions Office of Tianjin Foreign Studies University.

contact details

International Student Admissions Office of Tianjin Foreign Studies University  

Address: No. 117 , Machang Road , Hexi District, Tianjin, China     Post Code: 300204

Phone: 0086-22-23286974

Email: foreignstudents@tjfsu.edu.cn