Postdoc. Mobility

Increase your research experience by making a stay abroad!

​Postdoc.Mobility fellowships are aimed at researchers who have done a doctorate and who wish to pursue an academic career in Switzerland. A research stay abroad enables such researchers to acquire more in-depth knowledge, increases their scientific independence and enhances their research profile.

The fellowships include a grant for subsistence costs, a flat-rate for travel expenses and a possible contribution to research and conference costs. In addition, fellowship holders can apply for a return grant to finance their initial period of research after returning to Switzerland. The return grant includes a salary and social security contributions.

The funding period is in principle 24 months (fellowship) and 3 to 12 months (return phase).

The main participation requirements are listed below.

The precise periods are calculated on the basis of the relevant submission deadline.

  • A completed doctorate (PhD, MD-PhD) or completed medical studies in human, dental, veterinary, social or preventive medicine with a doctorate (MD), or completion of the doctorate within the next 9 months.
  • Submission up to 3 years after the doctoral exam (PhD, MD-PhD); the date of the examination, respectively the defence of the doctoral thesis is the relevant date.
  • Medical researchers without MD-PhD: submission up to 8 years after the state examination and at least 3 years of clinical activity after the state examination.
  • Swiss nationality, holder of valid Swiss permanent residence, residence or cross-border commuter permit, married to a Swiss national or co-habiting with a Swiss national in a registered partnership.
  • At least 2 years of research activity at a Swiss research institution (for foreign nationals).

Submission of proposals

How to submit a proposal?

Applications must be submitted via the mySNF platform. The mySNF platform will be opened for submission three months before the respective application deadline.

Evaluation procedure

Evaluation procedure of the SNSF

Eugen and Elisabeth Schellenberg Foundation

Covers half of an Postdoc.Mobility fellowship of 2 years in the area of cancer research. The SNSF submits a suitable application to the foundation for the partial funding of a grant which is allocated to one of the advanced research candidates.

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