Detailed steps to publish journal articles:

For those who publish a paper for the first time, they don’t know what materials need to be prepared, how to publish it, and they don’t know where to start. In fact, publishing a paper is very simple, it only takes a few simple steps, I believe you will understand soon.

  1. Prepare the manuscript Everyone can write articles, but the articles written may not be suitable for publication, so you can read some papers related to yourself as a reference before publishing. Since it is a paper to be published, you have to put forward your own opinions, verify your own opinions, and summarize your own opinions. Such papers are meaningful. Moreover, the length of the paper should not be too long, and the length of the paper should not be as large as possible. The size of the journal is fixed. Too many words will only increase the workload of the editor. You know, a good paper can greatly shorten the time for publication.
  2. Select a journal and prepare for submission Before submitting a manuscript, you must first choose the journal you want to publish. It is especially important to note that each journal has its own style and characteristics, and you need to filter out journals that fit your thesis field so that it can be published more easily. There are hundreds of journals in my country, and each journal has its own requirements. Generally speaking, the homepage of each journal can download paper writing templates and requirements. Authors can write papers according to the templates and requirements to avoid direct rejection due to format inconsistencies.
  3. Waiting for the results of the preliminary review after choosing a journal, you must submit your papers. Most journals can submit papers through the online system. Special attention should be paid to the journal’s requirements during the submission process. Some journals will require copyright agreements and other materials. Different journals have different initial review time, some require one week, some require one month, just wait quietly.
  4. Modify the manuscript, after the paper has passed the preliminary review, the journal editor will get in touch with the author. The paper will not be passed at one time and requires multiple revisions. The editor will put forward comments and requirements on the manuscript. At this time, it only needs to be revised according to the editor’s requirements that’s it. When talking with the editor in charge, remember to be sincere and open-minded to ask for advice. This will help close the distance between the two people, provide you with some better suggestions, and publish more smoothly.
  5. Payment of fees if you are lucky enough to get to this step, it means that your paper has been submitted successfully. The fee that needs to be paid is to pay the page fee to the magazine, and the fee must be paid in time to ensure the smooth publication of the paper. Of course, if your paper is well written, the magazine will also pay you a certain amount of manuscript fees.