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The 8 best open source tools for data mining

Data mining is also known as data exploration. It is a step in Knowledge-Discovery in Databases, a process of mining and analyzing large amounts of data and extracting information from it. Some of these applications include market segmentation-such as identifying the characteristics of a customer buying a specific product from a specific brand, fraud detection-identifying transaction patterns […]

Common mistakes in data analysis

The background of big data is that the whole society is going digital, especially the development of social networks and various sensing devices. The development of cloud computing and search engines has made it possible to efficiently analyse big data. The core issue is how to quickly obtain valuable information from a large variety of data. Realizing […]

Heavy! Collection of blacklists and early warning journals of all units in China!!

Recently, the First Hospital of Jilin University has compiled warning journals: Medicine International journal of clinical and experimental medicine PLoS one Scientific reports Oncology letters Experimental and therapeutic medicine Biochemical and biophysical research communications British journal of biomedical science Cancer radiotherapies International journal of molecular medicine International journal of osteopathic medicine Journal of genetic counseling […]